10 Ways to Survive Being Struck Down on the Entrepreneurial Battlefield

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10 Ways to Survive Being Struck Down on the Entrepreneurial Battlefield

How to Win the War on the Entrepreneurial Battlefield

There are bullets whizzing by your head. You’re cowering in the dirt, praying for better days. Your business is about to go under, and you – the business owner – are facing defeat.

Whether your business isn’t growing as fast as you’d like, you’re stagnating or – even worse – your business is about to fold altogether, this is advice is for you.

See, starting your own business is not unlike a war. Your competitors are firing shots daily. And unless you return fire, you’re only going to be struck down on the entrepreneurial battlefield.

Want to turn things around? Want to have your competitors running for cover for a change? You’ve come to the right place.

Put these steps into action and let loose your best battle cry. You’re about to show the competition exactly what you’re made of.

1. Rise and Shine, Maggot!

Don’t like to be called maggot? Good. Drop and give me twenty.

Maybe you need a drill sergeant screaming in your face, ordering you to miss chow, to sacrifice, to run harder, to push yourself a little farther so that you can get into better shape. And so that you can finally make something of your online business dreams.

If you’re not an early riser, you need to become one.

You should be waking up as early as possible so that you can get as much done before noon. That’s how every successful person does it, and you had better emulate those greats who came before you if you hope to one day walk in their combat boots.

You may not have a drill sergeant banging on trash can lids, forcing you to wake at the butt crack of dawn, but you had better set an alarm.

If you’re used to waking up at nine, wake up at eight. Or, better yet, make it six. Then march to your desk and start on your daily duties.

Whether it’s bookkeeping, contacting clients or it’s developing your next project, start digging in the dirt, soldier. Daylight’s wasting and every second you slumber is one more missed opportunity to encroach on the competition.

2. Go Behind Enemy Lines

Every good battle plan consists of reconnaissance to see what the competition may be up to.

So get online and start spying on those competitors. Find out what their battle plans are, see where they are making progress, and take plenty of notes.

You are going to use that information to form new plans that you will use to take the enemy out any way you can.

Use tools like SEMRush and BuzzSumo to gauge their content strategy. Map out their blog titles and subjects with tools like The Content Ideator by Content Forest. Find the links they’re using, the tools they’re putting into play and the clients they’re targeting. Then do the same damned thing.

3. Steal the Enemy’s Battle Plans

If your competition has a badass website, you need one too. That’s step one. If your competition is using the latest tools, if they have headlines that grab you by the fatigues and force you to pay attention, that’s where your focus needs to be.

Learn what makes the enemy great and take it one step further.

Even if you have to copy what they’re doing at first, at least you’ll be doing something different.

After all, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Find out what your competition is doing and raise the bar.

They’ll wonder just where on earth you came from when you start beating them at their own game.

4. Stock Your Arsenal

You can’t win a war without weapons, or in this case tools. If you can automate processes using certain tools, then so be it. Take stock of those tools and start using them.

Right now you should be focused on freeing up your time. Are you spending all your time posting to Facebook? Use a tool like Buffer to make your social media posts run on autopilot.

Use Zoho to keep on top of client information and contact information. Or use another CRM like Infusionsoft, Insightly or Act.

Spending more time on design than you would prefer? Use Canva, which can make even the most non-design-friendly people (ahem, like me) a design powerhouse virtually overnight.

Then keep an eye out for new tools that you can use, as technology becomes more advanced.

Every day there is a new tool that you can use to propel your business forward, free up your time, and make the competition shiver in their foxholes.

5. Commission Foot Soldiers

You can’t win a war all by yourself. I know, I know, you’re a badass and if you want something done right, you’d better do it yourself.


Get that kind of thinking out of your head, soldier! You need help, and lots of it.

Are you spending more time on bookkeeping than you are contacting clients and making them happy? Get on Fiverr, Upwork or do a Google search for a Virtual Assistant or two.

These foot soldiers working on your behalf will free up your time to do more reconnaissance and to form a battle plan that will help you win this war.

The more boots you have on the front lines, the merrier, I say.

6. Set a New Plan of Attack

Again, you need to think differently, because obviously what you are doing isn’t working.

You’re not trying to merely stay in the game, you want to win a war.

Use all the information you’ve gleaned from spying on the competition and use it to form a new attack plan.

Get ruthless, pull out all the stops. Gather your new army together and brainstorm ways you can gain new leads, please clients and earn a higher ROI.

The time is now or there will be no later.

7. Form Your Own Army

I’m not talking about your foot soldiers. They’re busy doing their own jobs. I’m talking about networking.

Use LinkedIn to connect with like-minded people in your field. Use social media to connect with gurus who can help you think differently and be better than you are today.

Most of all, recruit your friends and family.

Tell them of your plan of attack and get their ideas. By informing those you love and trust of your plans for business domination, you will also hold yourself accountable.

If you feel like loafing one day or taking a day off or – gulp – giving up altogether, you’ll be able to think of the promise you gave to your nearest and dearest that one day you would be great.

That should be enough to turn you into a hardened soldier, intent on following through on whatever you attempt.

8. Plan an Ambush

Want to weaken the competition in one fell swoop?

Integrate into your battle plan a new product or service. Start planning it now and set goals for when it will be finished and ready to present to new customers (or even current customers).

Think coming up with a new product or service in a few days, weeks or months is hard work?

Good. No one said this was going to be easy.

Once your new offering is finished, you’ll be able to smile pretty knowing that you’ve just blown a hole in your competitors’ defense systems.

You’ll be one more step away from putting a check in the win column that is this war.

9. Advance, then Advance Some More

One more product or service is great, but you should have a whole host of new products and services.

Write a book, develop an e-course that you can offer on Udemy or come up with brand new products and services that solve your prospects’ needs – and that will make your competitors stand up and take notice.

You should be setting daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, three-year and five-year goals, and building your business should be a major aspect of those goals.

What will you do tomorrow to make your business better? A week from now? What about three years from now?

These are answers you should already know, because I guara-damn-ty your competition has already thought that far ahead.

10. Reward Yourself, You’ve Earned It

If you have all the above in place, or at least you’ve planned everything you want to do, reward yourself.

Take a little R&R down at the beach, take a weekend off to form your plans and get your mind right.

A war isn’t won in a day, after all. But the harder – and smarter – you work, the more you’ll advance on the enemy.

And it may not happen tomorrow. It may not happen for a week, two weeks or even a year.

But one day you’ll wake up and wonder why you ever thought about waving that white flag of surrender.

Refuse to get struck down on the entrepreneurial battlefield and fight back, and this war will be won with only you standing.

Speaking of weapons, stock your business with a bazooka of a Copywriter and watch your competitors squirm. Visit me here and shoot me a message and I’ll fortify your content marketing so that your enemies don’t stand a chance.

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