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How to Drive Hungry Customers Your Way With Facebook Ads

Many companies are turning to Facebook ads to expand their digital reach. And it’s highly recommended that you join them. Why should you advertise on Facebook? Well, quite simply because everyone and their grandma are on there. Literally. According to Facebook, there are 1.4 billion people on Facebook and 900…

7 Ways to Improve Your Quality Score in Google Adwords

You can spend all your time trying to get seen by potential customers on Google organically, or you can spend the money and use Adwords. With Adwords, your ads will be seen by all those interested in what you have to offer… …or at least you hope they will. The…

Laser Focus Your Content By Reading Your Customers’ Minds

You don’t need a crystal ball to read your customers’ minds. You don’t even need to enlist the services of the Long Island Medium. All you need is a few tried and true tricks of the trade.

5 Google Analytics Tips to Ramp Up Content Marketing

Want to improve your content marketing? Google Analytics can help you do it. The following five tips will give you plenty to think about. Most of all, it will help to make sense of all the figures you’re presented with inside your GA dashboard. Instead of being struck by analysis…