7 Ways to Expand Your Digital Reach

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7 Ways to Expand Your Digital Reach

7 Ways to Expand Your Digital Reach

Trying to earn a living with an online business without first forming a plan to get your name out there is like opening a Walmart on a desert island.

You’re not going to get anywhere.

You need to connect, to network, and you need to do what businesses have done for years: Let everyone know you’re open for business.

In the offline world, this is usually accomplished with a big sign, billboards, radio and TV advertising, and print ads.

To get ahead digitally, you are encouraged to use a few different approaches.

This is known as expanding your digital reach, and here are seven key ways to do it.

Building Your Audience

The following tips will bring hungry customers your way. This is like opening a new restaurant and advertising Grand Opening over the front door.

1. Social Media

This is the most obvious way to reach out to potential customers.

A dedicated Facebook page should be easy to access and stocked with content that your audience finds intriguing. That is, it should speak to their wants and needs.

Twitter, Google+ and a regularly updated blog will also bring people your way.

But don’t forget YouTube.

The video hosting site offers an excellent opportunity to get some much-needed face time with your prospects and customers. You can film yourself talking or take screenshots if you are attempting to teach your audience a new trick, hack or tip.

For best results, strive to be different.

Find out what your competitors are posting on social media and raise the bar. If they are only posting their blog posts, host a contest or giveaway. Reach out and connect with people who might be interested in what you have to offer.

The social media angle may not bring immediate results. After all, most social networks are inundated with companies just like yours (no matter what you make, sell or offer).

To stand out, you will want to keep up your efforts, never give up, and have faith that soon your audience will become attracted to the hard work you’re putting in.

2. Podcast

Starting a podcast is incredibly easy these days. You don’t even need a professional microphone. You can record yourself talking on a smartphone voice recorder app. As long as your topics are engaging and you are consistent with your recordings, and you advertise your podcast on the above social networks, you will gain downloads before long.

What do you podcast about? Again, check out the competition. Do a search for podcasts like the one you’re thinking of starting. Then, identify any subjects they may be leaving out.

In other words, attempt to do a better job than your adversaries are currently doing.

With enough effort, you’ll learn the tricks of the trade. You’ll improve with each subsequent episode, and you’ll find that your downloads increase as a result.

3. Email List

Every online business should have an email list.

Unlike social networks, most people are tied to their emails all day long. You can access them when they’re on their smartphones or sitting at their computers. And if your emails are enticing enough, you’ll find your open and click rates soaring.

To ramp up your subscriber list, it’s always a good idea to offer something for free.

This item will act as an even trade for your prospects’ contact information. You might offer a guide, ebook, webinar invite, video or anything else your audience may want.

I’ve even seen graphic designers offer free image packs or even WordPress themes in exchange for their customers’ email addresses.

As long as your offer seeks to solve a pressing need your audience may be experiencing, and you’re able to send interesting parties your way by using the rest of these tips, you should be able to gain a healthy subscriber list before long.

Grow Your Network

Attracting customers is always helpful, as that is where your revenue will come from. But never discount the importance of growing your network.

By connecting with fellow professionals just like yourself, you’ll learn new things, keep up with current trends, and you may find that you meet that one expert that turns everything around.

4. LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

Search for groups using your niche’s keywords on LinkedIn and Facebook.

For example, I’m a member of several Freelance Writing groups on both networks. This a great way to stay up to date with the latest technological advances as they relate to your field, and make connections with other professionals.

You never know, you may even form a business relationship with one of your competitors. Stranger things have happened.

5. Guest Blogging

This technique can both expand your audience and grow your network. Sending guest pitches to various blogs in your niche is a great way to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Your pitches should be engaging and relevant to the blog you’re pitching. This requires you to study the blog and reach out to the owner. The email you send should display some semblance of knowledge of what they’re doing and their content goals.

6. Form a Partnership

It’s common for business owners to want to do things all on their own.

This is usually why most entrepreneurs face burnout before they consider outsourcing their menial tasks to someone else.

By forming a partnership with another business owner like yourself, you can share each other’s audiences, share emails on each other’s subscriber lists and cross-post on each other’s social media accounts.

As you reach out to other professionals, keep an open mind and look for any opportunity as it comes.

Give Your Business a Boost

With the above steps in place, you should be gaining an audience steadily but surely. There’s only one step left to discuss.

7. Consistently Engaging Content

Earlier we discussed keeping up with a blog as an aspect of your social media marketing. Don’t stop there.

There exists a multitude of marketing materials that you can create and disseminate to expand your reach to the four corners of the Internet.

Think Whitepapers, a killer website (especially your Home page), infographics and, well, you may as well write a book and make it for sale on Amazon.

You can include a link to your website and your email list on all of this marketing collateral to bring more interested traffic your way.

The key to expanding your digital reach is to break your tasks down into bite-sized chunks.

Remember, every long journey begins with a single step.

Put the above tips on your to-do list, strive to do a little bit each day, and soon your audience and network will be bustling with people who can’t get enough of what you offer.

What ways have worked for you to expand your digital reach? Tell us all about it in the comments section and let’s get this conversation s

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