7 Crucial Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Copywriter vs. a Full-Time Employee

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7 Crucial Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Copywriter vs. a Full-Time Employee

Why It Pays to hire a marketing copywriter

You’re either tired of doing content marketing yourself or your previous writer took off on you. Or maybe you’re just getting started. Whatever the case, you’re looking to hire a writer, like, yesterday.

The question is: Should you hire a freelance writer or should you hire an in-house writer full time?

While a full-time employee would be nice, here are 7 reasons why hiring a freelance writer is the much better choice.

1. Saves You Time and Money

Hiring a marketing copywriter on a freelance basis is cheaper in the long run than hiring a full-time employee.

Don’t believe me?

Consider how much it costs to hire and train someone in-house. The amount is staggering.

According to AARP, it costs 50% of an experienced worker’s salary to replace that person.

Then there’s all the wasted time.

First, you have to train the person, and it’s not like the person’s going to be pulling his or her weight while training is ongoing. Then you have to hope that the employee will comprehend the lessons he or she is learning in order to put the training to good use.

And after all that, you have to hope that the person doesn’t turn out to be incompetent or terminally late or downright crazy. Because then you’d have to fire the person and hire someone else, starting the whole crazy process all over again.

Doesn’t that sound expensive and exhausting? Who has time for all that?

With a freelance marketing copywriter, you know you are getting a pre-trained expert for hire.

That’s right. No training, because the writer has already been there, done that. You can simply give the writer directions and off he’ll go. Then sit back and wait for the project to be submitted by the deadline.

Isn’t the choice now clear?

Hiring a freelance writer is like having a fully-trained and capable person in the office, only he won’t eat all the donuts in the breakroom. So you even save money on refreshments!

Let’s be honest. Hiring a freelance writer is where it’s at. And with so many people jumping on the freelance bandwagon, with experts forecasting that solopreneurs will make up to 50 percent of the full-time workforce by 2020, you will have more talent to choose from than ever before.

All you have to do is provide guidelines on what you expect and let your freelancer loose, and the job will get done to your exact specifications, saving you time, money and loads of frustration.

2.The Perfect Solution to Project Flux

Let’s say you hire a full-time employee, but then work dies down. What’s your in-house writer going to do? Play “twiddle thumbs” and stay on Facebook all day?

What if business gets so bad that you have to lay your writer off?

Wouldn’t it better to have a freelance writer you can send work to when it becomes available? I think you know the answer.

When work is scarce, a full-time employee is just goig to eat into your payroll budget with little to show for it. That’s hardly the way to run a growing business.

Hire a freelance writer and keep your business efficient, no matter busy or slow things get.

3. Projects Get Turned Around Quickly

While you’d love to give your full-time employee the benefit of the doubt, let’s face facts: Workers on salary tend to loaf – a lot.

Assign a project to your on-site copywriter and who knows when you’ll get the thing back.

A freelance marketing copywriter has a vested interest in getting your project back to you ASAP.

That’s because your freelancer has other clients he’s working with and other projects on his plate. If the marketing copywriter procrastinates on your project, it puts every other project he’s working on behind. When that happens, quality suffers, income shrinks and he won’t be in business long if this kind of slacking off continues.

So yet another benefit of hiring a marketing copywriter is that you get your projects completed and sent back to you quickly, Every. Single. Time.

Convinced yet? But wait, there’s more…

4. You Get An Outside Perspective

Here is one benefit you may not have considered: A marketing copywriter who isn’t part of your corporate culture brings an external POV that can be beneficial to your project and goals.

Someone who is embedded in your company may not be able to step outside of the planning boardroom to take a subjective look at what’s going on.

A marketing copywriter has the benefit of working with other companies and has likely tackled projects similar to yours. This allows your writer to give you a professional take on the matter, which could give you the ‘aha’ moment you’ve been missing to make your projects truly great.

5. Unmatched Enthusiasm

A full-time employee may be riding the clock or, worse, may be burnt the F out.

A marketing copywriter, on the other hand, loves to write, loves to market and loves to please clients to get the job done.

You know when you hire a professional with experience and training that you’re getting a marketing mercenary intent on crushing your project so that you continue to order from him or her.

6. Access to Current Trends

Marketing trends change daily, and if you’re not staying up-to-date with what your competitors are doing, you’re already behind.

A marketing copywriter’s job is to remain current with what’s working and what’s HOT on the marketing front. He works with other companies who are on the cusp of the latest technology and who put to use the latest techniques to attract leads, win deals and build revenue.

This knowledge can be yours if you hire the right marketing copywriter on a long-term basis.

Speaking of…

7. A Freelancer Is In It for the Long Haul

A full-time employee may move on to another company in search of greener pastures. He may loaf off, forcing you to fire the lazy bum.

A marketing copywriter does what you expect of him for a living. He has a passion for marketing, for writing, and for pleasing you, the paying client.

There’s a massive benefit to keeping a freelancer on long-term. The professional becomes familiar with your business and its practices.

Your copywriter will understand why what you’ve done in the past has (and hasn’t) worked, and can put that knowledge to good use for the foreseeable future.


If you want to take your marketing to the next level, you owe it to yourself to hire a professional who follows trends, has a vested interest in getting the job done accurately and quickly, and who will save you money on recruitment and training costs.

Looking for the services of a skilled and experienced marketing copywriter? Contact me today.

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