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The primary purpose of a website is to get people to take action.

It is your online sales floor and every inch of your website is valuable real estate.

You’d never stock a car lot with old clunkers would you? Of course not! They’d only be taking up valuable space!

While those jalopies may make your sales floor appear full, there’s nothing your customers actually want to buy. The same goes for ineffectual copy.

Every sentence on your website should be carefully crafted and polished with the end goal in mind… getting your visitors to take action.

Effective copy is hypnotic. It entertains, mimicking the language your customers use, reflecting their wants and needs, answering their questions, quieting their concerns, and all the while silently carrying them to take action on a subtle current.

Of course you can write your own copy, or have one of your employees write it for you. And this won’t COST you any money.

But let me ask you this…will that web copy succeed at MAKING you any money?

Probably not.

Web copy that doesn’t work is just filler… idly occupying prime real estate.

Hire me today, and let’s put your copy to work!